FAQs - Teachers

What will be involved in the project?

We are recruiting approximately 40 primary schools across the UK to take part in the project. It is a great opportunity to bridge the gap for Pupil Premium students, and encourage STEM activities across Key Stage 2. It is absolutely free to take part and we aim to ensure that there will be very little extra work required from teachers because our Engineering Teams will run the entire programme. The programme will start in October 2018 and culminate in a record-breaking performance in Birmingham on 19th August 2019.

Benefits for children:

  • Engage with STEM and D&T by experiencing the whole design process, from an idea to product
  • Raise aspirations through contact with professional engineers and musicians
  • Bridge the gap for Pupil Premium children
  • Collaborative working
  • Creativity and problemsolving

Benefits for schools:

  • Free project
  • Low time commitment
  • Gain experience and confidence in STEM activities 
  • Funding available to cover costs
  • Get involved with a national community of budding designers and engineers 
  • How can we take part?

Get in touch! You can contact us through our 'Contact' form on this website.