#62 Axle Power

Beginning this invention with a list of ingredients including a chair, sellotpe and pedals, this ingenius design connects the seated pianist to the piano and allows them to play using the pedals.


We were really impressed by Imad’s design. It was unusual to think of a solution where the player sat down, and Imad’s idea of using a pedal to play the piano was one that we could make very reliable, which is important for Martin our composer.  When we worked on the layout of the design, we found that the chair had to be very narrow – only about 30cm across – to fit in with the neighbouring designs.  So instead of buying a chair (only young children’s play chairs are this small), we made our own. It only has space for one pedal, rather than two as Imad has drawn, and this is attached to the piano with a long string. This should work nicely. The player will have their feet close together, should be comfortable and will be able to play the note with a wide range of dynamics, from soft to very loud.